Fuel Tanks

Automotive fuel tanks

We can supply new or repair your existing tank to ensure the ultimate service.

  • Huge choice of new tanks
  • Guaranteed savings on O.E.
  • Complete repair service
  • Internal/external cleaning

Fuel tanks for plant and commercial vehicles

  • Steel, stainless steel and aluminium tanks repaired or replaced
  • Internal and external cleaning
  • Modifications to existing tanks

Tank Re-Nu

This patented process is an excellent way to repair virtually any tank regardless of condition. It is compatible with petrol, diesel, high octane, methanol, alcohol or water (not drinking).

The unique chemical bonding process gives your tank a tough durable layer of protection, coating both inside and outside, sealing it from corrosion.

Contact Arrow Radiators (Avonmouth) Ltd.

Phone: 0117 982 6611

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